Application Process

Am I eligble?

By simply filling out our application form, or emailing your CV, we will get to work straight away and begin the process of finding the best opportunities for you. No exclusions apply to anybody who is interested to find out more!

Phase 1

Please ensure your CV is complete and up to date then simply send your CV to Resource Finder for review. We recommend you take some to make sure your CV is in a well-structured format and clearly explains your education, training and employment history. The CV’s that provide the most information into these areas have more success.

Phase 2

Should your CV gain positive feedback we move into the interview phase of the process. The interview phase will typically consist of an online interview, and if successful a full formal interview will follow either in person or again online dependent on the hospital we are working with.

Phase 3

The final stage of a successful process will be to undergo all necessary employment checks before moving across to the UK. We will need to verify a range of things such as your licence to practice, employment references and carry out disclosure and barring checks also. Where visas are required, our migration experts will assist in this process also.

Looking for that perfect career opportunity in the UK, or a client looking to address your recruitment needs, we want to hear from you.