Case Study 1: Doctor recruited from within EU

Resource Finder attends over 80 events across Europe per year. We have lots of opportunities to meet great medical staff.

From our attendance at an event in Poland one Specialist level Anaethetist enquired with Resource Finder and within 48 hours we had responded, evaluated his CV and provided information about job opportunities available to him in the UK.

Within one week the candidate had been able to take a Skype call with a large Teaching Hospital here in the UK and from this point things moved forward.

Resource Finder invited the candidate to visit the UK and the hospital whilst also visiting the GMC in London to finalise the GMC requirements.

The candidate took great reassurance from the visit, seeing and experiencing the hospital, the working environment and the area he would potentially live. Whilst in the UK a formal interview was carried out successfully.

In what was a pleasurable and simple process this doctor has achieved the post of a Specialist Grade Anaethetist with an increased salary and improved working environment.

Timescales: 3 months.

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