Case Study 2: Nurse recruitment within the EU

Resource Finder has taken a different approach to nurse recruitment to give nurses the opportunity to visit the UK before making such a big move.

Our most recent ‘nurse group’ who are now working in the UK was formed by nurses from all over Europe. The process begun with a simple enquiry or application by the nurse, from this point Resource Finder contacted the nurses and discussed their CV, their ambitions and the opportunities available in the UK.

Once a hospital had been identified, each nurse was Skype interviewed by the hospital in Stage 1 of the process. The next stage was the UK visit organised by Resource Finder. The visit to the UK was paid for to enable all nurses to come and visit the hospital and the area. Whilst in the UK the nurses had a second meeting with senior nurses to finalise their job offer.

In what was a fantastic experience for the nurses, they have been able to work as a nurse in the UK feeling happy and safe.

Resource Finder assisted all of the nurses through the NMC process and translation of documents as part of the pre-employment checks.

Timescales: 2 months.

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