Case study of one of our successful European physiotherapists in the UK: HCPC registration.

HCPC registration – The candidate perspective.

If you never came accross HCPC registration and what it actually is, the best thing to do is to visit their website and read about it..

If you are planing to work in the UK the best thing to do is start your HCPC application before applying for jobs, or around the same time as most of the employers would require this to even consider inviting you to an interview. Not always, but this is usually the case.

To obtain HCPC registration;
1. Download the application form and guidance booklet from their website.
When you start to read it will probably seem extremely complicated as it was to me. So take your time, don’t panic and give yourself at least one week to read through the guidance and through the actual form so you will have a brief picture what documents will you need and what additional info is required (references, degree, proffessional experience etc..).

2. translate all required documents to English language (if they are not already).
Translation needs to be certified, don’t forget this. Furthermore, at this stage you should think about who are you going to use as your academic and proffessional references, then send them emails kindly requesting it.
In simple words said, you want to get all required documents in a pile before you start with anything (it makes everything so much easier).

3. start to fill your application form out (don’t forget: IN BLOCK CAPITALS AND BLACK INK!!), otherwise they will send it back.
Make sure you write as many details as possible where is requested to describe you previous experience, your role duties and responsibilities. If you are not so good with English language consider an option to give it someone to proof read it as grammar appears to be really important. Try to use medical terms as well.

We advise you that..
 once you have all the documents and form is completely filled in make sure you really have EVERYTHING. Give yourself at least 3 days and check it once or twice every day, beacuse if you are rushing there is a big possibility that you will miss something. Ask somones help to read through your application to make sure you did everything as stated in the guidance booklet .
 Please make sure you have put the right email addrresses of your Uni, proffessional regulatory body and you referees as they will contact them and that is required for you to have process finished. Without their confirmation you will hardly get anywhere…

4. Once you got your application sent off you will recieve letter confirming that they have recieved it and they took scrutiny fee of 495 pounds.
Something like this…

As it is stated in above letter your application will undergo assessment etc…..

Here is an example of what you might receive after you send the application;
‘‘I am writing in connection with your application for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Our registration assessors require some additional information from you in support of your application. That information is identified as further information request in the attached assessment report.

The information is needed to enable the assessors to make a recommendation to our Education and Training Committee (ETC), which will make the final decision on your application. Therefore, it is in your interest to provide this information as soon as possible.

Please provide the requested information within 28 days from the date of this letter. We will then forward the information to the assessors for consideration.

If you do not contact us within that time scale, the assessors and the ETC will conclude their consideration of your application based on the information available to them.

If you have any questions, you may find it helpful to read the guidance notes which were provided with your application. If those guidance notes do not answer your questions, you can contact us by email us at

The documents you have provided must be posted…’‘
Basically, they are asking more evidence of your clinical experience, mostly clinical reasoning. If this would be the case, they will state what forms of additional information required would they consider as an appropriate. In my case I chose to write case scenarios from my own clinical experience: 2 MSK patients, 2 Respiratory patiens and 2 neurology patients. Case scenarios included full assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation programme with the outcomes. Make sure you describe everything clearly and prove your clinical skills and reasoning throughout.
In addition to this I sent off signed confirmations of my personal researches published in scientific journal Phyisiotherapia Croatica. (If you have some published research it is probably the best thing to sent it off with initial application. I guess I could have done it before this stage really..)
I sent off these documents within time scale they gave me and luckily I got reply few weeks later that my proffessional education and experience is recognised and I am eligible to obtain my HCPC registration.

5. The final step is to call them and dictate your credit/debit card so they can take memebrship fee 180 pounds (two-year registration cycle).
After you have done this you will recieve an email with your HCPC number and your certificate and card should be with you in the next several weeks (4-6).

Good luck! 

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